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“The course worked (much to my amazement). Rebecca also makes it fun”.

C.D. Sheffield, January 2017

This is a programme of twelve 75 minute classes.

I am available to teach this course within the workplace. Please contact me to discuss.
e mail me on rebecca@rebeccaallenyoga.co.uk.

If you are interested in attending the next course I run from Stainton road

Please contact me for a brief  chat about the course and your availability to attend. Call me on 0114 2666454 or 07770 440293 or e mail me on rebecca@rebeccaallenyoga.co.uk

In the meantime you may be interested in the monthly Tuesday Evening Workshops for Backs.

I have suffered with lower back and neck problems for many years and have tried many treatments/therapies, but found that the 12 week course for healthy backs to be the most successful solution to chronic issues I suffer. Rebecca is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and equips each student, regardless of their age or ability, with skills to maintain a healthy pain-free back, along with poses/strategies on how to relieve an acute spasm, should it occur. I really enjoy the classes and highly recommend it. KB

What to Expect: This unique ‘best practice’ yoga course is designed by experts. It is extremely gentle in its approach and puts you in charge of improving your health and wellbeing. It is taught in small groups to allow for individual attention. It is suitable for people with chronic long term back pain or mild occasional pain, people with or without any experience of yoga & complete beginners to yoga wanting a gentle introduction to yoga

If you  suffer from episodes of back pain you can gain great benefit from attending a 12-week YHLB course  as it gives you a lifelong toolkit  for self-management.  It is a very user-friendly and motivational course and set of materials (Book, CD and home practice materials including “what to do if you get a painful episode”).  The course aims to instil a habit of regular home practice for general well-being, not just the back! The sequences have the aim of improving and maintaining health of the lower back, but involve the whole body and the whole person. The course enables people to get moving again and have the confidence to join a general yoga class if they want to.

YHLB is an ideal foundation course for newcomers to yoga, or people already experienced in yoga but wanting a more focussed approach on dealing with generalised back problems. Even if you only have occasional back pain, the course teaches the basics of most aspects of yoga and so is a good foundation class for starting yoga.

When I run this class at Stainton Road it is a small group course for a maximum of 5 people.

Payment in 2018: Total of £221 for this 12-week course. This is small class of just 5 people. This price includes a registration & resources fee (£65 – for published book, 4-track relaxations CD, laminated colour practice sheets, homework diary & registration)

The £65 registration & resources fee  is due to secure a place before Class 1. The remaining teaching fees of  £13 per class are due at class 1 (£156).  Please talk to me about concessions if you are on state benefits or about payment of the teaching fee in two instalments, if needed.

You may find your YHLB_Front_Cover_of_Bookemployer/NHS/Council/health insurer will subsidise costs in view of the evidence-base of long-term health self-management, e.g. 70% reduction of work absenteeism equating to £800 in lost productivity (see link to research below) – I can provide an invoice/receipt for this purpose.

Further Information about the Course and the Research Background

You can see a video about the research trial and see how a class is taught here:


Funded by Arthritis Research UK, The University of York’s Health Sciences Department led a multi-centred, rigorous clinical trial into specialised yoga for those with a history of low back pain. Robust research findings published in peer-reviewed international journals showed the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme to be effective, safe and cost-effective.

For further information see the Yoga for Healthy Backs website

Click here for a pdf of the  Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Trifold Info Leaflet vMay2016 (2)

Click here for a link to the Arthritis research press release on the research and cost implications for employers 

The video clip below is a useful overview of lower back pain and its management: