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I regularly teach for Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS. Details can be found here:

I am teaching a day on Meditation for MADYA in Manchester on 29th September 2018


These Yoga days listed below are mainly based in Sheffield (Grenoside) and are organised by Sheffield  Yoga School: Sheffield Yoga days

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Calderdale Yoga Centre (Hebden Bridge)

  • 28th April 2018
    Chris Noon : 
    Tools & Techniques for Meditation
    Venue : Calderdale Yoga Centre, Hebden Bridge
    Cost : 
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Australian Royal Commission Public Hearing. 

I am aware of the Royal Commission investigation  which took place in Australia, into historic child abuse at the Satyananda Yoga Ashram in Mangrove Mountain, Australia. I feel that it is right and good that victims of abuse can be heard in a formal investigation by an impartial body. I feel that it is really important that institutions are frank, open and transparent in dealing with any issues relating to child safety or abuse of power. If any of my students or potential students wish to talk to me about this issue please contact me directly.